Sculptures by local Gainesville artists wanted

Public art has grown substantially all over the United States and Gainesville, Fla., is adopting the trend.

South Main Street is getting narrowed to make it a more walkable and civilian friendly area for local residents. The South Main Street improvement budget includes fixes to bus stops, better lighting systems and pedestals lining the streets, according to a breifing from the Gainesville Public Works Department.

These lone pedestals are part of a project to turn South Main Street into a linear sculpture park to get more people walking past storefronts and to get more customers for these local businesses.

The future sculptures that will go on these pedestals will be decided by a competition put on by the city. The artists who win will receive a stipend to mount the sculptures and $1000. The sculptures will stay there for a year until another competition is put on again.

People perusing the street of South Main will also be able to purchase these sculptures from the artist.

What an exciting time for the Gainesville art scene!

More information on the art project can be found at

Stay artsy,


the Gainesville Graffiti


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